Learning Path: AI for Non-Programmers to Build an AI App

Selene G.Learniverser
AI & Machine Learning
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3 Lessons



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  • Introduction to AI - Understanding its potential and limitations
  • Overview of Machine Learning - Differentiating between supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning
  • AI for Dummies - Simplified explanations of complex AI concepts
  • Real-world applications of AI - Exploring how AI is transforming industries

  • No-code AI platforms - An overview of tools like Bubble, Wix AI, and others
  • Building your first AI model - Using platforms like Teachable Machine or Lobe
  • Integrating AI into applications - How to use APIs from AI services without coding
  • Case studies - Successful AI apps built without traditional programming

  • Design thinking for AI - Crafting user-centric AI solutions
  • Prototyping AI solutions - Tools and strategies for non-programmers
  • Testing and iterating your AI app - Gathering user feedback and refining your app
  • Launching your AI app - Steps to take your AI solution to market
  • Marketing for tech entrepreneurs - Strategies to promote your AI app