A1 English Mastery for Beginners

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5 Lessons



  • Create flashcards for Present Simple verbs
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  • Formation of Present Simple tense
  • Usage of Present Simple in daily conversations
  • Differentiating between regular and irregular verbs in Present Simple

  • Understanding the concept of existence in English
  • Using 'There is' and 'There are' in sentences
  • Practical examples of 'There is' and 'There are' in daily use

  • Conjugation of 'to have' in Present Simple
  • Expressing possession and relationships with 'to have'
  • Common phrases and expressions using 'to have'

  • Engaging in simple conversations using learned structures
  • Listening and comprehension exercises with Present Simple, 'There is/are', and 'to have'
  • Writing exercises focusing on daily activities and descriptions

  • Participating in language exchange or speaking clubs
  • Seeking feedback from peers or teachers on usage and pronunciation
  • Utilizing language learning apps for daily practice and reinforcement