Mastering the Art of 'Hit Without Getting Hit' in Boxing

NiaSCo N.Learniverser
Martial Arts & Boxing
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5 Lessons



  • Study and practice footwork drills for improved defensive positioning
  • Practice feinting drills with a sparring partner
  • Spar with a partner focusing on using feints effectively and avoiding getting hit
  • Shadow boxing drills for footwork and speed
  • Practice shadow boxing with a focus on footwork and defensive movements


  • Mastering head movement - slips, rolls, and ducks
  • Perfecting footwork for evasion and positioning
  • Timing blocks and parries effectively

  • Developing deceptive jab feints
  • Integrating feints into combinations
  • Using footwork as a feinting tool

  • Implementing feints and defenses in sparring
  • Analyzing opponent's reactions to feints
  • Adapting strategy based on opponent's style

  • Enhancing speed and agility
  • Building endurance for sustained performance
  • Strengthening core for better balance and movement

  • Studying opponents and identifying patterns
  • Developing adaptability and in-fight problem solving
  • Maintaining focus and composure under pressure