Building a 17025 Quality Management System

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Quality Management
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  • Compare ISO 17025 requirements with current laboratory practices.
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  • Overview of ISO 17025: General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories
  • Key clauses of ISO 17025: Scope, Normative references, Terms and definitions, General requirements, Structural requirements, Resource requirements, Process requirements, and Management system requirements
  • Comparison with other quality standards to highlight unique aspects of ISO 17025

  • Developing procedures for obtaining traceability of measurements and calibrations to national standards
  • Setting up a robust document control system to manage procedures, policies, and records
  • Implementing a quality control system including internal audits and management reviews to ensure continual improvement

  • Case studies on successful ISO 17025 accreditation processes and common pitfalls
  • Strategies for maintaining compliance with ISO 17025 during routine operations
  • Continuous improvement techniques in the context of ISO 17025 to adapt to technological advances and changes in regulatory requirements