Fullstack Development Mastery with Next.js 14

Web Development
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3 Lessons



  • Integrate React components into a Next.js project
  • TBD
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  • Introduction to Next.js - Understanding the framework's core principles
  • React Fundamentals - Building components and managing state
  • Next.js Routing - Navigating between pages seamlessly
  • Styling in Next.js - Applying CSS and styled-components for responsive designs

  • Data Fetching - Strategies for client-side and server-side data loading
  • Next.js API Routes - Creating API endpoints within Next.js applications
  • Authentication and Authorization - Implementing secure user access
  • Backend Integration with Next.js - Connecting to databases and external APIs

  • Next.js Rendering Modes - Leveraging SSR, SSG, and ISR for performance
  • Performance Optimization - Techniques to speed up your Next.js app
  • Testing - Ensuring reliability and stability through tests
  • Deployment - Strategies for deploying Next.js apps to production environments