Learning Path for Building and Integrating APIs in Web Applications

Cameron P.Learniverser
Web Development
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3 Lessons



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  • HTML: Structure of web pages
  • CSS: Styling web pages
  • JavaScript: Basic interactivity and functionality

  • HTML and CSS for structuring and styling
  • JavaScript basics for interactive elements
  • Overview of web architecture and HTTP protocol

  • Node.js: Server-side JavaScript environment
  • Express.js: Framework for building web applications
  • Databases: Basics of SQL and NoSQL databases

  • Introduction to server-side programming (Node.js, Python)
  • Basics of RESTful APIs and their methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
  • Understanding JSON data format and its importance in APIs

  • RESTful Services: Principles of REST and creating APIs
  • API Consumption: Fetching data from external APIs
  • Authentication: Implementing OAuth for secure API access

  • Using fetch API and Axios for making API calls
  • Handling API responses and errors effectively
  • Practical examples: Integrating third-party APIs (e.g., Google Maps, Twitter)